Womb School

A pleasure-forward seasonal membership rooted in the womb continuum, guided by the earth and moon.

↠ Reclaim an embodied connection to your womb from a place of power, creativity and pleasure

↠ Restore menstrual fluency and embrace cyclical living

↠ Shift generational patterns and revive ancestral wisdom

A path through which you can connect, explore and gain fluency with your body and its cycles. A journey of engaging our cyclical selves, learning that we are dynamic and changing. A place to cultivate trust in diverse ways of knowing and innate body-mind wisdom. An experiential, practice-based and circular community following the rhythm of the seasons and our bodies.

Womb School is for those who identify as women, non-binary, gender-fluid, trans, gender non-conforming and womb-curious. Womb School is for those who bleed and those who do not bleed, for those who cycle with the moon or cycle with the seasons (we are all cyclical beings), for those with a physical or energetic womb. Womb School is for folks in their menstrual years, child-bearing year, perimenopausal and menopausal years. Womb School is for those who are interested in deepening relationship to their bodies and womb spaces.

+ Trust your own rhythm, savor your unique pace and celebrate your cyclical nature

+ Experience ground-up transformation through nurturing and embodying your root

+ Belong to a womb-curious community while diving into your menstrual mysteries

+ Reunite with traditional healing practices and remember ancestral wisdom

+ Experience embodied pleasure, desire and choice that feels exploratory and spacious

+ Reclaim body autonomy in a system that has taught you to give your power away

+  Feel at home in your body and on the Earth through greater acceptance and self-trust

+ Embrace the wisdom of your emotional range through the dynamic pulse of your cycle

Weekly Womb Practices 🌺
Each week receive practices, reflections and lessons carried by the seasons and anchored in the womb continuum

"Map Your Womb" - Our Foundational Intro Course 🌑
Be guided into the mystery and medicine of YOUR womb through this foundational introductory course, made available only to members

Womb Community 🤲🏽
Join a supportive and held space to nurture meaningful connections with fellow womb-tenders and community members

Deepen your experiential journey with our Full Moon Membership.

Here you'll get everything in the New Moon Membership PLUS

Monthly Workshops 💐
In our juicy monthly workshops, learn a rich array of skills and practices for womb-tending and whole being integration in the areas of folk herbalism, earth-based embodiment, lunar and solar cycle wisdom, traditional East Asian Medicine and more!

Amazing Guest Teachers 🎉
Get full access to seasonal guest workshops with incredible leaders in the world of womb healing (see who is joining Womb School 2022 below!)

Monthly Pleasure Integration Immersions 🥭
Gather with us each month for these experiential, connective and pleasure-centered gatherings - a chance to integrate all that we are learning + reclaim pleasure as a daily birthright in our bodies and beings

Equinox & Solstice Celebrations 🌞
Celebrate the energetics of each season's pivot with us

Monthly Q&A 🙋🏽
Each week get a chance to ask our Womb School guides directly any burning questions you have 

"Womb Studies" Core Curriculum 🌕✨
Dive into the magic of womb work through our core curriculum. In this in-depth self-guided journey, receive all of the foundational elements and shared poetry of Womb School while nurturing your relationship to the seasonal-cyclical themes within the womb continuum.

Womb School is not a certification program, a replacement for therapy or medicine and we are not the experts of your body. We do not seek to offer prescriptive, static or linear content for one type of body. There are no prerequisites for Womb School. 

You are welcome here to have your own experience, at your own pace.

Your Guides

Jeevan (She/They)

Jeevan is an amma (mother), a poet-writer, a doctor and guest practitioner of traditional East Asian medicine (as a non-East Asian person) and a somatic practitioner trained in mindfulness and Hakomi psychotherapy.

Kris (She/Her)

Kris is a mama, partner, Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Nourishing Life Tradition 養生 yǎng shēng practitioner. Her work helps to bridge the wellness gap in reproductive health by leaning in on timeless wisdoms.

Marissa (She/Her)

Marissa is a somatic guide, bodyworker and a forever student of the womb. She is passionate about helping people feel more at home in their bodies and connected to their pelvic bowls as a place of pleasure, creativity and belonging.

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